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Quincy Quarks : Atomic Heroe !

In the confines of the universe,

out of range of any living observer , deep super Quasar remains that exploded there are more than 13 billion years and that gave birth to our universe a decisive battle at the atomic scale is raging : Shadow emerged from his long sleep and decided to end the reign of Light by absorbing it .

Armed with the powers of the three primordial colors , repel the onslaught of the Shadow armies and free the primary molecule from his grip ...



Team :
Game Designer, Levelling
And Communauty Manager

Art Director, Programmer Fusion

website :
phone : +33 02 54 52 09 51
Based in France

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- publied oct 4th 2015 :

- publied oct 4th 2016 : Quincy


How to play :
Quincy Quarks is a Shoot'em up Circular Casual.

Quincy Quarks uses an intuitive gameplay and therefore relatively addictive.

To destroy a Glu'on, the player must launch a wave of energy in the same color as the Glu'on or against it the same color bumper. He can also click to repel the enemy.

The enemies come in colors battalion, more and faster and more or less numerous.

For each mission, the player has a time to meet and an amount of energy that represents both his life and action potential.

Each color wave launched or click made cost him more or less energy. So, the player must manage resources and perform combos to save time and energy.

He will also have the opportunity to use special cards allowing him to repel or destroy Gluons faster. These special cards are to win or buy in the laboratory or the shop.

The player has three lives. When there is no more life, he can either buy or play a video or wait 15 minutes to get a life.

So : 
Your mission : Save the galaxy from the Shadow ! Ruthless entity anti-matter , anti- light.

Your role : Play Quincy, atomic heroes and deliver the Phot'Oons , small and charming light particles , from the clutches of the Shadow agents named Glu'ons !

In short : Manage your resources and fend off attacks Glu'Ons , Destroy gang of Glu'Ons and Shadow agents like Dark Glu'On but also Goll'On, Keyser S' On and Sorr'On .

And become a prominent member of the Brigade of Quarks !

Since 1996 

For over 15 years, we design for publishers of games consoles, PCs, tablets and smartphones.
We worked on the following games :
- "Sheep Dog 'N Wolf" license to Warner ( looney toons ), Publisher Infogrames as Lead 3D Artists for the levels ( Playstation game ) 
- "Mission Impossible" for Infogrames Publisher as Lead 3D Artists
( PC, Game Cube game) 
- "SCS" for Cryo-networks as Lead 3D Artists ( PC software ) 
- "Titeuf The game Gag Machin" for Infogrames Publisher as Full Team
( GBA game ) 
- "Bouba et Marius" for ATD Quard Monde as a programmer ( PC game ) 
- "Tout en nuances" for Ludia as Full Team ( tablet game )
- "Témoignage" for Ludia as Full Team ( tablet game ) 

We are authors also

Les Tibidous : 5 educational games for PC and two titles for mobiles (Activités d'éveil : Cloé and Activités d'éveil : Téo ) : for young children Target 2 - 6 years old
A PC game Snakesentence : logic & letters game
& 3 games "testing" for tablets and smartphones : Rescue Birds Legend , Memory lightning, Tic TACTOE


4 Rue du Haut Bourg
41 000 Saint Sulpice de Pmmeray


Phone: +33 06 08 86 61 11

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